Osmangazi / Bursa

Dilonni Engineering Services


Scope of Consultacy and Engineering

  • Consulting for water cooled equipment of the entire Electric Arc Furnace as well as for the primary/secondary off gas evacuation system
  • Design of EAF shell, Furnace roof incl. water cooled panels and Ladle Furnace Roof
  • Design of Furnace off-gas Elbow and following state of the art water cooled duct work incl. drop out box/combustion chamber, uncooled duct work and Furnace Control Damper
  • Calculation of EAF off-gas quantities during all Furnace operations and Canopy Hood evacuation quantity. All combined with CFD-Simulation for optimized design work
  • Calculation of cooling water distribution for Furnace Vessel, Furnace Roof and for hot gas cooling duct work
  • Consultancy for gas cleaning systems and dust removal plants. Trouble shooting for Fabric Bag Houses incl. inspection of the entire dedusting system